I am a computer scientist currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems under the supervision of Björn Brandenburg.

Research at MPI-SWS

I work in the field of real-time systems, under the TOROS grant.

The long-term goal of the TOROS project is to develop a real-time operating system that by design ensures that the temporal behavior of its user-level applications can be analyzed. To this end, my team and I work both on the theoretical and applied side, solving smaller, well-defined problems to build up towards our vision.

I currently work on the intersection between real-time schedulability theory and formal verification. I am a core maintainer of Prosa, a machine-checked library written in Coq regarding real-time schedulability analysis. In my first research paper, which is currently under peer-review, I designed a timing analysis tool that generates formally-verified proofs of correctness of its results. The synthesized proofs are based on Prosa.

On the applied side, I am working on a tool that analyzes the workload on a Linux system to yield back temporal data at runtime. The data can be used for diagnostics and automatic tuning of the system.


I was born in Turin, Italy, and have been tinkering with computers for as long as I can remember. In 2013 — I was eighteen — I started working professionally as a programmer. After three years, I decided to start a bachelor degree in Computer Science, while I kept working part-time as game developer. Once I graduated, I moved to Kaiserslautern, Germany, and started a Joint Master and Ph.D program. I completed my master courses and just published my first research paper.