Software Engineering

I have worked on several projects in industrial optimization software, management software, productivity tools, and videogame development. This list only contains projects I worked on professionally and with a meaningful contribution.

Commercial Software and Tools

Key Launcher, Productivity Tool
All the Code • Design • Features Ideation
Perfect Cut, Gea, and Gepro
Industrial software, Management Software
Developer • Management • Customer Interaction


AG Racing Game
Unreal Engine 4, C++
Profiling • Optimization • Blueprint Native Code Generation • Chroma Tools
Goat of Duty
Online Multiplayer First-Person Shooter
Unreal Engine 4, C++
Gameplay programming • Online programming • AI Programming • UI
Redout: Space Assault
Space Shooter
Unreal Engine 4, C++
Gameplay Programming (Pre-Alpha) • AI Programming (Pre-Alpha)
Mars or Die!
Action / Roguelike / Tower Defense
Unreal Engine 4, C++
Gameplay Programming • UI Programming
Super Inefficient Golf
Golf, with Explosives
Unreal Engine 4, C++
UI programming
Goblin Squad - Total Division
Turn-Based Strategy
Unity 3D, C#
Concept and Prototype • Main Programmer (up to Alpha version)

Game Dev Frameworks and Tools

Fast Mobile Cycle (FMC) Framework
Game Framework, Progression Automation, Persistence, Ads, Analytics
Unity 3D, C#, ShaderLab
All the Code
Fast Mobile Cycle (FMC) Toolkit
Bulk Operations, Version Control Automation, Automatic Deployment of FMC Games
Python, Bash
Ideation • All the Code
Razer Chroma Framework for Unreal Engine 4
From Low-Level LED Control to Gameplay-Related Visual Effects
Unreal Engine 4, C++
All the Code