What are Treecodes?

Treecodes are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to QR codes. Treecodes can encode arbitrary information inside an image which can be decoded at a later time.

QR codes represent information by drawing zeroes and ones as black and white squares. With Treecodes, however, the information is represented as a unique topology of the tree. It does not matter how the tree is drawn: the information contained inside will be the same.

Why Treecodes?

Treecodes are more flexible than QR codes when it comes to the drawing itself. Whether the tree is a piece of art, or is drawn like a stick figure, it will contain the same information. This enables anyone to choose their own style for their Treecode.

Want to join us?

We developed the tree encoding and the tool that draws and packs the tree, but we still need a scanner. Can you code that? Contact Marco Maida, info on


Marco Maida
Ideation - Code - Design
Marco Perronet
Elena Panetta
Digital Artist